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G+G 301 Auto Swing Gate

guzzie + Guss Auto Swing Gate G+G301

Ultra-modern design fused with simplicity, is the winning combination. With a 2 minutes install, your opening can be Baby Proofed without breaking out the power tools.One hand operation allows you ease of movement, along with the ability of the gate to stay open, makes your fast paced life even easier. Once you have gone through the gate, and need to go back to the kitchen for a glass of water, there is no stutter step to swing the gate backwards, because you can freely swing it in front of you. Our gate is designed to swing both ways.Stylish, functional, Easy to Use, Affordable.


  • Auto Lock
  • Double Lock for extra security
  • Easy 1 Hand operation
  • Swings open both ways
  • Includes a 4 inch extension (10cm)
  • Fits openenings from 30 to 36 inch
  • Designed for children 6 to 24 months

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