guzzie+Guss Baby Crib Mattress

The new guzzie+Guss 10cm coco-fibre mattress has been completely redesigned for multipurpose use. On one side you will find the firm, coconut coir, which makes an excellent support surface for the proper development of your baby's back. It is an excellent surface for those who prefer a firm bed.For those who prefer a softer sleep, simply flip the mattress over to be comforted by a layer of latex memory foam, soft to the touch but still extremely supportive.This mattress also includes an internal anti-mite protection layer, and is carefully wrapped in OKOTEX-100 certified organic bamboo fabric, which is breathable and contains natural antibacterial properties.The guzzie+Guss 10cm coco-fibre mattress will provide an excellent sleep for your child from their first night and for years to come. Designed for use with cots 120 x 60 cm.


Spec & Maintenance

Max Weight Limit:



52 inch x 28 inch x 10 inch


Organic bamboo fabric


Internal anti-mite protection layer


OKOTEX-100 certified



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