About Us

The market has changed. There once was a time when parents were offered only a few strollers to choose from. Then came choice ? and with choice came price. People stealing from their own child's college fund just to push the "it" stroller, only to find that they were relegated to a certain brand of carseat to use with their ?berbuggy. And what if that carseat doesn?t fit the car? Or what if it isn't the one your sister expected to lend you? Why are we even talking about carseats when we are supposed to be selling strollers? Because each choice a new parent makes with their baby gear presents a new paradigm.

Choice brought price, and price brought compromise.

Enter guzzie+Guss. Over 30 years of product development and market experience births a brand designed to deliver a long-awaited baby gear experience. From the bottom to the top, the people at guzzie+Guss aren't your average stroller producers. Drawing from every aspect of the industry, guzzie+Guss has developed a team that is in touch with the consumer on a ground level, while operating directly with leading designers and manufacturers from around the world.
guzzie+Guss are dedicated to delivering uncompromising quality and functionality without sacrificing price. Does that seem a little backwards? Most marketers would think so, but the truth is while most people would like to own a premium-priced product, today?s changing economy has forced many to make choices between the price of goods, and the price of looking good. The folks at guzzie+Guss work hard to make those choices easier for new parents. By using top grade materials and incorporating new technologies such as the guzzie+Guss ?truly? universal carseat adaptor, guzzie+Guss creates baby gear that meets modern parents? needs without bleeding their wallets.
Fashion and function, with designs that foster dependability. Being able to buy a new stroller and still be able to go out for supper tonight. That's guzzie+Guss.