3 in 1 Rain Cover

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The 3in1 rain cover allows your child to stay dry and cozy while the weather is stormy. Its unique design will fit onto most brands of bassinet, infant car seat or stroller POD seat. The quick-access zipper door allows you to easily remove baby without having to remove the rain cover.

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The 3in1 rain cover allows your child to stay dry and cozy while the weather is stormy. Its unique design will fit onto most brands of the bassinet, infant car seat or stroller POD seat. The quick-access zipper door allows you to easily remove baby without having to remove the rain cover.


Universal fit Fits

Car seat, bassinet and stroller POD stroller seat

Fabric sewn seams with reflective stitching

Front zipper door access

Easy access to storage bags

Side ventilation



Additional information

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions9 × 7.5 × 3 in
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106 reviews for 3 in 1 Rain Cover

  1. Ss says:

    I used this everyday during the winter and it was amazing with my graco travel system car seat.

  2. J’adore cette serviette! Elle est douce, grande et pratique. says:

    Il épouse parfaitement ma poussette et mon siège auto Evenflo.

  3. Paul says:

    I needed a rain cover for my Ypsi stroller, we live somewhere where it rains constantly in the spring. I have a high energy dog and a motion junkie baby so I was desperate. But the Ypsi cover was very expensive. This cover fits perfectly and works well. Baby stays dry & happy. I like the airflow holes in the side.

  4. Lesley S says:

    This fit perfectly over my evenflo pivot! Blocks out rain and wind and the flap has a toggle at the top if you want to keep it open! No regrets purchasing this!

  5. Ivo Hristov Yordanov says:

    Really comfortable to use especially the front part where there is a zipper. Even if it’s windy day, I usually where it on the car seat with open zipper all the way up. This cover stops the wind coming from left and right sides. There are small holes on each side which gets small amount of air in. I recomend this product and I love it!

  6. Jessie says:

    Love it , I will be buying another one

  7. Kasarah VanDusen says:

    I love how versatile this rain cover is, I have a graco click connect travel system and it fits perfectly on his car seat and on the toddler seat, I love that it fits so snugly on them and that there’s a zipper for easy access, what I don’t like is that I wish it opened and tied up higher so that I could have the canopy pulled all the way back so my LO could see and be seen better while it’s on the car seat so that I don’t have to take it all the way off while in stores besides that though this is the best rain cover I’ve come across

  8. piapia says:

    It’s really useful and it’s perfect in its quality.It’s fits perfectDelivery was on time.I am glad I bought this

  9. CathyCathy says:

    Good product but should have been a bit bigger… I struggle to get my tall & chubby babies in and out my Contours® Options® Elite Tandem Stroller.

  10. Stefany F.Stefany F. says:

    Would highly recommend this product to any parent! Easy to use and fits over both my car seat and over the larger stroller I use. I like how easily the elastic stretches and how lightweight the material is!

  11. EA says:

    I needed something to keep wind and rain out of my Graco Click Connect car seat during a 5k (I have the Modes Jogger). It worked perfect! heavy duty and easy to use. My complaint is that the front slides down in an awkward way. But even with that, I would purchase it again.

  12. Shyeida says:

    Couldnt find any covers in stores to fit my sons urbini stroller. This cover is amazing & fits perfectly.

  13. Ashley Figueroa says:

    Worth the price I love it

  14. Cynthia White says:

    Finally got to use this product. Would definitely recommend to other moms.

  15. Cruzita Jones says:

    Was skeptical about buying because it was not the brand of my stroller and I wanted something that would fit. It was perfect fit fir my evenflo Omni plus stroller. The best part it that it fits both parts the car seat and the bassinet/ chair attachment. Got caught it heavy rain fall I was soaked but baby was dry. Can handle heavy rain fall doesn’t fall in it stays in place. And it’s very heavy duty material not flemsy. Love the zipper front. You don’t need to take off the whole plastic to get baby out just unzip front and grab baby. Has vents on the side so that baby gets air. After used in rain I hang in bathroom to dry and fold it back up and leave in the basket of the stroller. Love this plastic happy I purchased and I’m sure it will work on another stroller in the future.

  16. Tatiana says:

    Really good rain cover. Fits well and the plastic is not cheap.

  17. Mildred says:

    It fits great over the car seat. It allows access to the handle and the rest of the seat is fully covered.

  18. Gina says:

    I love this cover! It fits great with my chicco corso lx stroller and carseat.

  19. Sara says:

    Fits perfectly on my UppaBaby Vista bassinet attachment. I love that it zips up the front for easy access to baby, and the toggle to keep it up of it stops raining.So easy to use!

  20. Marifer S. says:

    We’ve been using it on our stroller since baby’s can’t wear masks for COVID. During trips when we absolutely have to take baby out in public, we use this. Has been very useful

  21. yamileks says:

    Easy to use

  22. Amazon Customer says:

    works well for the rain and also keeps heat in, I have an evenflo pivot travel system stroller and fits perfectly

  23. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer says:

    The best protection from Walmart crowds since he’s too young to wear a mask. I was able to shop with a little more peace of mind…

  24. Misspryce says:

    I wanted a plastic that isn’t the one that flares up when the wind blows I find those so annoying but this plastic cover here is worth it. It works so well that you see the fog inside on the inside of the plastic when your outside in the cold. I use it for my evenflo reversible stroller which isn’t a bassinet but it fits like a glove still.

  25. audriemedaudriemed says:

    Whenever we take the baby out, we use a weather shield to cover the stroller. I would say that this is waaay better than the Evenflo brand that we used to have. First, we don’t have to take the shield off when we switch the stroller to car seat mode. Second, cleaning’s also easier — this is smaller and the material seems more durable. Our old Evenflo cover tore to the sides from cleaning. 🙄Others:-Attached photos are 2 modes of the Evenflo Pivot stroller: car seat & carriage mode. Fits both.-Canadian brand- Fogs up a bitLovin the switch & giving it 5 stars because of the convenience!

  26. Littlevision says:

    Great. Used on my britax b-ready stroller with the bassinet attachment. Good price, easy to use. Must-have if you will ever take your baby for walks in windy or wet conditions.

  27. Customer Forever says:

    I have a city select stroller with the city select lux seats(bit smaller than the original seats). My Baby Jogger city select covers were crap.I love this cover! The material is nice, perfectly clear, durable and sturdy. The opening for the child to go in and out is a bit small but not a huge issue for me. If you have a Baby Jogger city select lux seat, i would recommend removing the snack tray/arm bar before putting your child back in. It was difficult to hold the cover flap open, push aside the tray and help my son back into the opening. Would’ve been easier for me to remove the tray first then clip it back into place after he got in. I havent had the chance to use them yet.Overall worth the money, my son loved it, and it folds up nicely.

  28. Tamisha says:

    No complaints! Fits my evenflo pivot stroller perfectly!

  29. krystal olmeda says:

    Di una opinión mal de este producto al principio pero sin duda alguna fue lo mejor que e podido invertir para mi bebe lo volvería a comprar una y otra vez

  30. Kas says:

    Fits great on my car seat and stroller I have one similar to the one in the picture. The rain cover is heavy duty and looks fantastic I would recommend to anyone with a similar stroller like the one shown.

  31. MrsSylRodriguez says:

    Love this sooo much!! I had been looking for something to fit my city select as a double and honestly nothing works with a car seat.. I ordered 2 of these and they fit the car seat and the actual stroller seat at the full extension foot rest.. I like that I can open each child individually without the other getting wet.. definitely worth it!!

  32. Brianna says:

    Fits great on the evenflo pivot travel system. Both infant carrier and the stroller seat! Zipper access to get baby in and out of the car seat. Great purchase.

  33. Marshely says:

    Amazing kept baby dry and warm

  34. Wilfredo says:

    Love this item easy to use

  35. The BFC says:

    I’ve been using this with the Chicco KeyFit and have no issues with size or shape. It does a great job of protecting baby from wind and rain and has plenty of air holes.As some have mentioned, when closed, it cam be hard to carry the car seat because the handle is covered by the plastic, but I didn’t find this to be a huge issue and it would be difficult to keep the water out and make the handle accessible at the same time.I recommend opening it up when indoors or cracking it open when it’s sunny out as it can get really warm inside.

  36. shahidul a. says:

    good quality ,but i would love it more if it came with a carrier bag

  37. Garcia says:

    We use this with our Uppababy car seat. It didn’t fit big & it also isn’t bulk. It definitely keeps baby warm. The zipper can sometimes be a little tricky but overall great purchase.

  38. Ashley says:

    Love it! Very chic design for cool moms and quality is ahh maxing it’s been a year so far 😁

  39. Kay JayKay Jay says:

    I bought these for my mockingbird stroller seats and Graco car seat. It fits perfectly on both. There are ventilation holes on each side.I have not used it in the rain yet but it seems pretty durable. I will update once I have the chance to use them in the rain.UPDATE:Used the covers on the Graco carseat and the mockingbird stroller seat in the rain and they were perfect! No Durable and the kids did not mind them at all. We were still able to stroll while vacationing with the rain and it was great not having to go find cover right away!

  40. Berry Boots says:

    I have a Maxi Cosi Zelia travel system and the cover fit perfectly onto the stroller and the car seat

  41. Barbara Tkts Fschr says:

    Great choice for peg perego bassinet and stroller.

  42. JENNIFER O. says:

    Keeps my baby nice and warm, easy to use, great fit on both car seat and big seat

  43. Amanda says:

    Mommies this right here is the best keeps baby warm and dry works wonderfully

  44. Meryliana & GabrielMeryliana & Gabriel says:

    I have a Babytrend stroller (golite) and it fit perfectly. The shipment was quick, the material looks very good and durable, has ventilation holes on the sides, very easy to use. I just received it couple days ago and was raining and windy and I did the test, it worked perfectly as expected.

  45. Marja Meijers says:

    This is the only form fitting rain cover I’ve found and it’s great. I love the zippers to control air flow or to just open to adjust the baby. I use this cover every day for my infant in her graco car seat and couldn’t be more satisfied.

  46. Cecilia Alcantar says:

    I bought it for my car seat,didn’t expect it to fit my cybex pram but it does and I love it

  47. carmen says:

    I love it for our carseat that goes from the car to the stroller so we dont need to dress our newborn too warm cause using this he is very well protected against rain, snow, wind and cold. Zipper still looks good after 2months of use.

  48. S R says:

    First comment is that this cover has an amazing design. I’ve looked everywhere for something like it, and I finally found it here. That being said I didn’t expect it to be so expensive, it’s just not justifiable. I wish it was a bit larger/stretchier. It fit my Adorra (Maxi Cosi) stroller in the seated position with some warmth (warm room) and tugging. I gave it 4 stars because of the Price and limited stretch. If the elastic was stretchier, this cover would be more versatile and adaptable.

  49. Ana Blacio says:

    Love it

  50. k.a. says:

    After getting caught in a torrential rainstorm and having to improvise with a poncho from a gift shop I immediately went home and ordered these. They’ve been such a fantastic investment. I love that I can open them up and take the babies in and out without having to remove the covers. I also love that I can use the handle of the car seat while its on. If the wind is blowing significantly, they won’t stay completely dry, but I can think of no better cover solution. These are very well made and so useful in a rainy climate.

  51. Nicole31311 says:

    I got this rain cover because we have two different infant car seats – one for traveling (Cybex Aton Cloud Q) and then the one we use daily at home (Orbit Baby) and I couldn’t see buying the specific one for each car seat and having two! This rain cover fits perfectly over both car seats and is incredibly easy to take on and off. I like the fact that it has two zippers so you can just unzip one side if you want. We’ve had a pretty wet year in Texas and this has been a great addition to have in my car when thunderstorms pop up!

  52. Lana says:

    I’ve been looking for a cover for my son stroller which is 3 in one as well. The material is good no plastic smell which is awesome you don’t want your baby smelling all type of chemicals. So it fits perfect to car seat, carriage I haven’t try to convert the stroller to a tolddler my son is too small but I’m sure it will fit perfectly fine.im glad I found this product living in a city where you have all four seasons is a must. I will definitely buy the product again and recommend it to friends and family.

  53. Elizabeth says:

    Perfecto , para todos tipos de Sillita de bebè , si facil de usar ,buen material , la banda elastica encaja a la perfection. Solo perfecto

  54. Gabrielle says:

    Product was of great quality, made with thick plastic and super easy to use. Definitely worked for my urbini carseat and stroller. I definitely recommend.

  55. Erica Flores says:

    I bought this rain cover for my Pivot stroller system and it works beautifully. It fits over the car seat, as well as the stroller seat, whether it be set as a pram or upright. The instructions for use are super clear and simple to understand.

  56. Yaritza Martinez says:

    Facil de usar y excelente inversión

  57. Becky says:

    great rain cover. easy to put on. only complaint is that it makes the handle really hard to hold but obviously if they made an opening for the handle it would make the whole cover pointless! still very happy with it. wish it had been something i thought to put on the baby registry

  58. Saba imran says:

    Good for rain but sturdiness is not that good it’s Moves sometimes but overall that’s good product to use I used it when I go pick my kids from school with my little boy

  59. Victor Angel Flores says:

    Wife Love it. It fits perfect with my double stroller Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Travel System

  60. mari says:

    Es perfecto incluso en estos tiempos de pandemia es un buen protector para los bebés lo recomiendo ,

  61. Bonita says:

    Fit my car seat and bassinet perfectly, plus the material is durable and not cheap.

  62. Roxanna G says:

    The best plastic I ever purchased !! The quality is great ! &. Love the fact that it has the zipper

  63. BeatrizBeatriz says:

    Sinceramente la compré usada porque tenía miedo de que no le quedara a mi carriola, ya que es un poco grande. pero quede impresionada con el producto es casi nuevo o creo que es nuevo, estaba sellada en su propia caja, con las envolturas originales y en perfecto estado sin ninguna macha o fisura. es como nueva, así que estoy feliz por el gran precio que conseguí. Y hablando del producto sinceramente vale la pena a mi carriola le quedo perfecta, yo la utilizo para salir a caminar y que mi bebé esté protegido del frío he insectos a ella le encanta ya que puede ver el paisaje y disfrutar del paseo sin sufrir de frío o picaduras. para el asiento de carro si es un poco grande pero para mi es perfecta. Recomiendo el producto y al vendedor.

  64. pleshette carr says:

    I love how easy it is to use and keeps my baby nice and warm.

  65. Johanna Reyes says:

    I love it. It fits perfectly for the car seat. Easy to put on and to take off.

  66. Ms. FloresMs. Flores says:

    So far so good👍 it lookslike a very good quality product, I haven’t used it sense I just got it delivered but in a few weeks I will update with another review when I actually get to used it but for now it did fit my nuna pipa carseat and the top seat of a britax B-ready stroller, I just order 1 but I will order the 2nd one for the strollet seat

  67. Amazon Customer says:

    Best thing I have ever got!!! My son was always safe from high winds and the cold. traveling without a ton of blankets. It was nice to be able to see him and he to see out.

  68. D.RD.R says:

    It’s perfect! Fits like a glove. I have the evenflo pivot travel system and it fits perfectly. Definitely satisfied with this product!!!!

  69. Yin says:

    Esta bien

  70. Rena says:

    Loved this product it fit my bassinet stroller and my car seat perfectly.. I would definitely recommend this product.

  71. MISS says:

    It’s a great idea & looks well made, but it was too small to fit my graco click connect stroller properly.

  72. Raveena Yin says:

    It fits my Maxi Cosi Lara. The only one thing I take one star off is the price… Hopefully it would be a bit cheaper!

  73. Rg5411 says:

    Love this thing, has came in handy so many times with my baby!! I live in florida so it rains alot i carry this everywhere i go it keeps my baby dry & most of all i love how it has a zipper where u can open it!

  74. Elia says:

    I have an Evenflo Pivet. Fits perfectly. Good quality.

  75. Gizmo says:

    Great protection. I bought this due to covid. Ppl walk around with babies like they can’t get sick. It is a lie ppl. The only negayive thing is your baby will sweat when hot out so get a potable fan to help babay keep cool. Othet then that. Super great! Works for urbini bassinet and the carseat that i have. Very pleased!

  76. Majidah Burnett says:

    I love it. It truly fits the bassinet and car seat.

  77. Maria Romero says:

    Best item I have bought this winter! It is great! Living in Chicago the winters are brutal but that can’t stop me from going grocery shopping and running errands. This cover helped so much, my little guy was warm every single time I checked on him. Can’t say enough great things about it. I have a bassinet and car seat and it fit perfectly around both.

  78. Sky T says:

    Fits over evenflo pivot expand stroller & pretty good quality. I am glad I got it!

  79. Sandri Petra says:

    Easy to use, thick and durable

  80. Jasmine Alicea says:

    I got it for my evenflo pivot and it fits perfect worth every dollar

  81. Ellen says:

    Fits perfectly over our Chicco Keyfit30 and very easy to use, put on, and take off (think shower cap easy – that’s pretty much how it works). Good protection against the rain and baby slept through a stroll during a decent downpour.

  82. kristina says:

    Love and so useful. More than often we use our car seat stroller more than our regular one. So we definitely needed something to keep our daughter warm and dry when traveling outdoors using the car seat stroller. We have a Graco click connect and it fits perfectly…we still have extra room but fits snug enough to not hang or allow any draft in. Very useful baby item. Great product

  83. Ashley S. says:

    Awesome rain cover! I was going insane looking for the perfect rain cover for my Maxi Cosi Zelia carriage. It fits perfectly for bassinet mode and toddler. Also is a nice fit for the carseat. Beats buying two rain covers. 👍🏼

  84. TamikaTamika says:

    I have the evenflo pivot and it fits both the carseat and bassinet perfectly. I previously had a regular cover that did not have a snug fit, but would blow in the wind.

  85. Angelica Vargas says:

    Easy to use ! And it seem to keep my baby warm

  86. Robyn StevensRobyn Stevens says:

    Love this!! So easy to put on and keeps rain out!! I keep it in my car or in stroller if rain is possible! My car seat is on the bigger side and it covers every inch

  87. Marie says:

    Works great! Fits Graco Nest Modes bassinet.

  88. Bey says:

    With this virus i found it unfair we were covering ourselves but the baby couldn’t so this made me feel a lil better. And it has little holes kn side so shes not suffocating there. She likes it too because she can see.

  89. Jen says:

    I haven’t used it outside in the rain yet but just from opening it and putting it on my stroller and car seat, I am totally in love. I have the Maxi Cosí Zelia Travel System and it fits perfectly on the bassinet, the material is nice and thick so it feels sturdy and I love the fact that I can easily unzip the plastic to gain access to my baby. The reason I picked this particular rain cover is because I hate how traditional universal rain covers look on strollers, they never fit right and just look like huge plastic bags and take away from the look of the “fashionable” stroller look I have going on but this one compliments the stroller so nicely! It looks snug and put together! 10/10 recommend if you’re looking for something that’s not huge and bulky

  90. hailies mom says:

    Would order again

  91. Rebecca says:

    Buy it! We have a city select 2013 stroller and a cyber anton q infant seat. It had fit everything perfectly. We added a bassinet attachment later and it even fit that! Everyone compliments it. It’s easy to use, has ventilation and a nice zip open area to easily get to baby.

  92. Kymberlea Hansen says:

    I used this initially for my daughter because w lube in Oregon and I didn’t want to have a wet blanket or cover all the time. I am currently using it as a barrier for my son because of COVID-19. It can be cleaned off easily. My kid’s doctor even loved it. I get a lot of complements on it where ever I go.

  93. Daniel N. says:

    Buen producto

  94. Amazon Customer says:

    Very happy with this purchase. Quality rain cover, easy to use. Love the sturdy zipper and the versatility.

  95. Rae says:

    I wish there was an opening for the car seat handle. Otherwise, it’s perfect. Fits both my car seat and stroller seat.

  96. Carolina R. says:

    Lo mejor! Cómpralo sin pensarlo es súper excelente 🤩

  97. Shelby Stannard says:

    Great purchase for our stroller as we go on walks frequently and sometimes it is drizzly. Works well

  98. Ziyoda Khamidova says:

    Love it very convenient can be use for car seats and strollers of any size

  99. ingrid torres says:

    Great item . Thank you

  100. PatricePatrice says:

    Fits My Milkbe Stroller Perfectly Both The Bassinet Seat & The Regular Toddler Seat. Great Rain Cover Worth The Money. Love The Fact I Can Unzip The Front Window To Easily Have Access To The Baby If Necessary Without Removing The Whole Rain Cover

  101. VALERY says:

    Is very nice n it very good to buy I have like 2 years with it Good material..

  102. Heather Burns says:

    I absolutely love this rain cover. It’s so convenient when you have a little one. Dealing with the hassle of the rain is enough…. this makes it so much easier! My son is almost 4 months and it’s so easy to get to him when I need to w the zipper! I highly recommend this product!

  103. Shenice Soto says:

    Just like the pic

  104. Brenda R says:

    Love this rain cover I wish they made it to fit other strollers. Its 1 of the best and I’ve bought many.


    I have yet to use it in the rain, and will update my review if it doesn’t meet my expectations… but this rain cover is great! It fits my stroller perfectly and I love the zip portion! I’m so happy to have found this, as my stroller doesn’t have one made to fit it. I have the Baby Trend Manta snap gear jogger from target and it looks like it was made just for this stroller! I’m happy to finally have something especially living in south Florida where all summer is just rain rain rain. Can’t wait to have this for our Disney trip! I attached pics, also showing the airflow holes.

  106. Farrah says:

    Easy to use

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